CRG Launches an All-New Website and Video for Holiday Vacation Condos

Plymouth, MA – August 2013 – Creative Resources Group proudly announces the launch of Holiday Vacation Condominium’s all-new

Click to Visit the Site

Click to Visit the Site

Located at the heart of Cape Cod in Yarmouth, Holiday Vacation Condos is a timeshare resort just minutes away from the Cape’s best beaches and activities. In creating their new website, CRG capitalized on this by producing a stunning video Virtual Tour, designed to inspire potential vacationers with local scenes of family fun.

However, a demanding deadline and inclement weather forecast left CRG with just one day to shoot over 10 locations. “Pre-production was key,” says Creative Director Charlie Rasak. “We planned and mapped everything based on our script.” The production schedule was intense, but CRG videographer Caleb Rasak and Editor/Associate Producer Jessica Banis worked together to keep everything on track.

In just one day, their small video production crew took six actors on a whirlwind Cape Cod vacation. Beginning with shots of check in and a dip in the pools at Holiday Vacation Condos, they traveled to and shot footage at Hyannis Golf Club, Barbara’s Bike Rentals and the Cape Cod Rail Trail in Dennis, Bass River Kayaks in Dennis, Pirates Cove Mini-Golf in Yarmouth, Spanky’s Clam Shack in Hyannis, the Hyannis Harbor docks and Main Street, the Cape Cod Carousel & Funhouse Arcade in Hyannis, Katie’s Homemade Ice Cream in Hyannis, and finally, a sunset at Covell’s Beach in Centerville.

“Big kudos to our actors, especially the kids,” says Banis. “It was a long haul and they performed perfectly.” CRG also thanks all the participating local businesses. “We couldn’t have created this video without their hospitality and generosity.”

Now integrated in a clean, modern website design, the Virtual Tour is a unique asset sure to attract potential vacationers to Holiday Vacation Condos as well as all the locations featured. The all-new also features new facility photos, links to area attractions, online booking, and more.

Creative Resources Group is a marketing agency specializing in strategic, integrated advertising programs – specifically the union of traditional and new medias. Their full-service suite of products include audio/video production, web design and development, graphic design, media planning and purchase, and more.

For more information, contact Charlie Rasak at Creative Resources Group.

Telephone:  508-830-0072

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Creative Resources Group Invites You to “Shop Around” with the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents

Insurance. It’s everywhere! Television, radio, sports, internet, social …. A media onslaught of epic proportions, where characters, comedy, and enormous ad budgets fight to win your next insurance policy.

Geico and their lovable gecko spokes-character spent nearly $1 Billion for marketing in 2011. ( Progressive’s popular Flo saleswoman has over 5 million Likes on Facebook. And those are just two examples….

So Creative Resources Group faced quite a challenge when tasked to create an all-new advertising campaign for the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents. (MAIA) Local agents and their represented partner companies hoped to keep the advantage of choice and personal service top of mind with consumers. The 2013 campaign would also need to maintain and expand their 80% market share over national, direct writers like Geico and Progressive.

MAIA spent many years advertising on radio with their own character, Jimmy Rizzo – Cab 214. However, changing times called for a change in approach. Creative Resources Group began by presenting our research on the power of television advertising:

  • Television reaches more individuals each day than any other medium
  • Individuals spend more time with TV than any other medium
  • More individuals learn about products they would like to try or buy from television than any other medium
  • Television is the most influential advertising medium for individuals in making a purchase decision
  • Many individuals watch television while using their wireless devices including smartphones and tablets. (Sources available upon request.)

There was no question. Television, specifically broadcast television, was the way to go.

Creative Resources Group also researched the national insurance marketplace and demographics, pulling all the information together to create the “Shop Around” campaign commercials:

An intelligent and tech savvy talent, (played by Boston actress Sally Meehan) uses technology to shop around for the best deals. The commercials draw a parallel between Sally and her Massachusetts Independent Insurance Agent, (played by another local actress, Alexandra Bettencourt) who also shops around to find the best price on insurance. Two women who love to shop around… whether for shoes or insurance, they both get the best price on the best products. And, for viewers of the commercials, finding an agent to shop around for them is as easy as going to

After talent auditions and selection, Creative Resources Group shot four Shop Around commercials in February on location at The Book Shack, a store at the Independence Mall in Kingston, MA. A total of 40 commercials, four spots customized for 10 different partner company sponsors, began airing in the Boston and Springfield market exactly one month later, March 11, 2013. Commercials in April and May will add another five and 10 partner company sponsors, for a grand total of 100 spots.

CRG is working closely with to monitor site analytics in conjunction with the campaign’s call to action. Although the results are too early to call just yet, we are anticipating a big response, so stay tuned!

And in the mean time, check out the four Shop Around spots for yourself…

Shop Around 30s

Love What We Do 30s

What It’s All About 15s

Where You’ll Find 15s

If you’re looking to grow your business with an integrated marketing campaign like Shop Around, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Or, visit our website at

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Lights, Camera, Music!

If you read CRG’s Rockin’ Out With the Fontaine Brothers blog, you may recall that the band was working on a new jingle for their friends at Toyota of Braintree – a hip new song inspired by TOB’s wildly popular “Switch It Up” jingle.

Well, just a couple weeks ago, Fontaine Brothers Luke and Ike Fontaine stopped by CRG HQ in Plymouth, MA, guitars in hand, to play us the new song. “Oh my my something beautiful,” they sang. “Oh my my something beautiful, it’s true! I switch it up for you!” And 30 seconds later, as they finished their last note, we were all in love. What a tune!

After CRG visited the Fontaine Brothers in their studio to record, we hit the drawing board and developed two initial music-based concepts for television. One involved the band playing in the showroom. The other was a classic love story… with a twist. (And no spoilers here! You’ll have to wait until the spot hits the air to find out what happens!)

Less than a week after the music recording, CRG gathered the Production Team, packed the production van, and arrived at Toyota of Braintree for a full day shoot. There was plenty to do. In addition to the two music-based concepts, CRG had two additional scripts and seasonal one-liners for co-owners Greg and David Tufankjian. Add in 10 extras courtesy of New England Actor, two videographers, and a 20-foot jib… Now that’s what we call a production! But the team was tight, and even after a bit of a late start, finished shooting all of Greg and David’s lines and cameos by 2pm. The rest of the afternoon belonged to the Fontaine Brothers!

TOB license plateDavid and Greg Tufankjian with Actress, Laura

Pride shotGreg, David, and Laura Finish the “Pride Shot”

Luke and Ike had already once performed the new jingle for all our extras, who were gathered upstairs in the TOB conference room. (A little dramatic motivation!) Now, it was time to hit the showroom!

In our typical CRG style, the talent are happy car shoppers, interacting with each other and vehicles in the showroom. Lots of smiles… lots of excitement… It’s an atmosphere of car-buying fun designed to evoke good feelings. (The subconscious, “Hey, that looks like fun – I want to have fun like that when I buy my next car!)

But this time, we were adding yet another element of excitement – the band! As the scene unfolds, the Fontaine Brothers were front and center, emerging from aside a vehicle, playing, singing, and walking towards the ascending jib as talent “danced” around them.

Fontaine shotThe Fontaine Brothers and Talent “Dance” in the Showroom

Jimmy Walorz of Mad River Productions and Charles Sayegh, President of Mad River Productions, (a Boston based record label that the Fontaine Brothers are signed to) were on set to oversee all the action.

CRG Creative Director Charlie Rasak and Editor/Associate Producer Jessica Banis coordinated the talent, calling out commands as they watched Jib Operator Wally Argo work his camera-flying magic. Loud actions like, “Big smiles everyone!” “Stay down!” “Stand Up!” “Keep moving!” or “Go to the Fontaines!” echoed across the showroom. As Wally motioned the jib expertly up, down, and across the scene, Videographer Caleb Rasak kept his eyes glued to the video monitor, focus controller in hand. He and Wally worked as a team to operate the camera mounted at the end of the long jib arm. Wally provided the motion while Caleb pulled focus – not an easy task with multiple changing points of interest. Meanwhile, hidden in a car on the showroom floor, Audio Engineer Adam Bruneau provided the soundtrack for Luke and Ike Fontaine to mime to – a simple iPhone plugged into a vehicle’s stereo.

Wally on jibWally Works the Jib

Caleb on FocusCaleb Pulls Focus

Everyone on the CRG team worked in concert. Even Production Assistants Gina Gaetano and Dennis Huston were instrumental to the success of the shot – moving lights and other equipment as needed, arranging talent, mindfully keeping track of TOB’s actual customers, and providing much needed support to the rest of the crew.

After at least 10 repetitions and more then a few adjustments, all the elements aligned and we had it! One beautiful, fluid, perfect shot. 30 seconds of cinematic gold… The talent moved perfectly, the Fontaine Brothers were right on cue, and the camera followed it all brilliantly. When the production team invited everyone back to view the shot on the monitor, all the actors had their cell phones ready – shooting our shot! And when it concluded, there was a huge round of applause.

But we weren’t done…. not just yet! Charlie (Rasak) called down owner Charlie Tufankjian and Luke Fontaine handed him the guitar, just for fun. Then, we rolled camera as the boys sang one last time. This time, the talent danced and clapped their hands in a tight group around the band. Greg and David Tufankjian spied their dad with the guitar and joined in too. The day was over, the sun was setting, and everyone had an honestly good time. Many of our actors and actresses even grabbed a picture with the Fontaine Brothers.

Fontaine and Group Rockin Out

Group SmileThe Whole Gang – Job Well Done!

Now back at home, CRG’s post production team has plenty of work on their hands. But with all the amazing footage and great original music to edit to… It’s going to be a lot of fun to bring it all together!

Watch for Toyota of Braintree’s newest ads coming to a TV near you this February!

And if you’re looking for top-notch production… automotive advertising… or perhaps a custom music piece of your own, don’t hesitate to call on Creative Resources Group! or 508-830-0072.

Check out all the pictures from the shoot – Friend us on Facebook!

About The Fontaine Brothers

Courtesy of their YouTube Profile

Ike and Luke Fontaine began playing music together ten years ago. Ike sings and plays guitar and mandolin. Luke plays stand up bass, guitar and sings vocals. At a young age, Ike picked up the guitar and would sing at home with his father and grandmother. Luke started with the electric and stand up bass and would sing along with his brother and then later learned the guitar. They were inspired by their father who played guitar and lead vocals in a local bluegrass band. Soon they were playing in front of small crowds and writing songs. By 12 they overcame their stage fright as the warm-up act for their father’s band. They have currently gradated high school and are off to college in the fall and are working on a new LP this year in Boston.

Or, find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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Rockin’ Out With The Fontaine Brothers

Creative Resources Group congratulates Ike and Luke Fontaine – the soon-to-be famous Fontaine Brothers – on the success of their latest music video, “Fontaine Brothers NACA Showcase.”

A few short weeks ago when David Tufankjian of Toyota of Braintree asked CRG Creative Director Charlie Rasak if he would shoot a music video for the boys, Charlie replied, “David, we’re an ad agency… we really don’t do that sort of work.”

But CRG Director of Photography Caleb Rasak quickly jumped on the opportunity, building a production team that included himself, CRG Editor Gina Gaetano, and CRG Assistant Audio Engineer Adam Bruneau. The three joined the Fontaine Brothers at their South Shore barn house soon after, shooting an incredible music video montage including four song segments.

After a bit of expert editing from Gina, the video went up on YouTube and now, after just two days, already has nearly 25,000 plays, with plenty of positive comments!

Creative Resources Group thanks David Tufankjian for the introduction. The Fontaine Brothers even have a new jingle in the works for their friends at Toyota of Braintree… a hip new “Switch It Up” inspired song that CRG is looking forward to including in upcoming ads!

So once again, kudos to CRG’s production team… and big thanks to The Fontaine Brothers for this awesome opportunity! You guys rock!

About The Fontaine Brothers

Courtesy of their YouTube Profile

Ike and Luke Fontaine began playing music together ten years ago. Ike sings and plays guitar and mandolin. Luke plays stand up bass, guitar and sings vocals. At a young age, Ike picked up the guitar and would sing at home with his father and grandmother. Luke started with the electric and stand up bass and would sing along with his brother and then later learned the guitar. They were inspired by their father who played guitar and lead vocals in a local bluegrass band. Soon they were playing in front of small crowds and writing songs. By 12 they overcame their stage fright as the warm-up act for their father’s band. They have currently gradated high school and are off to college in the fall and are working on a new LP this year in Boston.

Or, find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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CRG Partners with Howard County General Hospital, a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, on Fundraising Project

Howard County General Hospital, a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, is a not-for-profit health care provider relying on the generosity of donors. Their basic mission: “provide high-quality, comprehensive care and, in the process, improve the health of their community.” So whether it be advanced patient care, state-of-the-art facility or equipment upgrades, or health education and other community programs, successful fundraising is critical.

For their latest effort, Howard County General Hospital partnered with Creative Resources Group to create a compelling appeal via web video. Though CRG is renowned for their expertise in the highest quality video production and editing, this project used a pre-existing video, “Room 4117, A Look at Humanity in Geriatric Care,” in which a daughter reads a powerful letter of thanks for the end-of-life care her father received at HCGH.

Using “Room 4117,” Creative Resources Group created a video microsite, a single page website separate from HCGH’s main site. The microsite featured a large-size version of the video, a small descriptive paragraph, and a large “Make a Donation” button that would lead visitors straight to HCGH’s online donation form. The straightforward design allows the video to tell the entire heartfelt story and, unlike HCGH’s main website, leaves no other links or buttons for visitors to be distracted by.

To drive visitors to the microsite, Creative Resources Group created a video email, or V-Mail, to be sent to a mailing list of 60,000 potential donors. The V-Mail features a short text appeal from the “Room 4117” author, a couple select photos, and an animated gif that entices recipients to click through to the microsite, where they can watch the video in its entirety.

The Email that Creative Resources Group Created

Though the campaign is still in progress, both CRG and Howard County General Hospital are eagerly awaiting the final analytics. The power of the video and the simplicity of the donation funnel are almost certain to produce positive results.

Creative Resources Group is an advertising and marketing company thankful for this opportunity to be a part of the fundraising effort for Howard County General Hospital, a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine. To learn how CRG’s unique marriage of video and new media marketing can work for your organization or business, contact us today.

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Creative Resources Group Expands Web Department with More Specialized Marketing Services

Plymouth, MA – July 2012 – Creative Resources Group welcomes consultant and e-marketing specialist Erich Jaeckel, who joins CRG’s web department leader, Peter Cahill on staff. The newly formed team is well complimented; whereas Cahill provides a broad range of IT and web design services, Jaeckel offers a more specialized expertise, particularly in the field of internet marketing.

A graduate of Brigham Young University’s Computer Science program, Jaeckel has worked as a technology consultant to some of the most well recognized fortune 500 companies. Beyond helping companies navigate the world of online marketing, he is well versed in emerging technologies that companies can leverage in order to best position themselves for success, particularly in social media.

“A strong online presence is increasingly difficult to obtain,” says Creative Resources Group President/Creative Director Charlie Rasak. “Our approach already blends traditional media such as television, radio, and direct mail with new media like microsites and smartphone technology. It’s been very successful for our clients. Now, we are looking to add and expand on that approach… And social media is going to be a big part of that.”

Creative Resources Group is a marketing agency specializing in strategic, integrated advertising programs. They provide a full-service suite of products including, audio/video production, web design and development, graphic design, media purchase, and more. Their web-based iCasting™ product, a combination of online video and lead generation, continues to be one of their most successful.

However, Rasak refuses to stagnate when it comes to web development. “Internet marketing is a challenging field,” he remarks. “The technology is constantly changing and competition is fierce. You can’t just create a website and sit back and wait for the leads to come pouring in.”

The addition of an expert such as Jaeckel will give CRG’s clients the advantage of an all-inclusive e-marketing plan based on the latest trends and technologies as well as time tested traditional best marketing practices.

“The creation of iCasting™ was a huge leap forward,” says Rasak. “And now that we have a resource such as Erich working alongside Peter, we’re equipped to elevate our clients’ web presence and effectiveness even more. It’s exciting to be able to provide such an advantage.”

For additional information, contact Charlie Rasak at Creative Resources Group.

Telephone:  508-830-0072



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CRG Expands Their Post-Production Department

Plymouth, MA – July 2012 – Creative Resources Group’s post-production department continues to grow, with the addition of editor/animator Andrew Ruttan to the full-time staff. With Lead Editor/Associate Producer Jessica Banis set to take maternity leave in late July, Ruttan will assume her duties along with Second Editor/Production Assistant, Gina Gaetano.

Ruttan is a graduate of Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts and an accomplished editor and animator. He began his career at Soup 2 Nuts Animation Studio in Watertown, MA, where he worked on the award-winning PBS children’s show, “Word Girl.”

Though the search for a third editor was initiated by necessity, President/Creative Director Charlie Rasak says that Ruttan will remain a part of the CRG team even after Banis returns. “We weren’t looking at this as a temporary position,” says President/Creative Director Charlie Rasak. “We were looking for a candidate whose skills would compliment Jess and Gina’s… And with his background in animation, Andrew definitely has those skills.”

Creative Resources Group is a marketing agency specializing in strategic, integrated advertising programs. They provide a full-service suite of products including, audio/video production, web design, graphic design, media purchase, and more.

“The demand for video and high quality video production services continues to grow,” says Rasak. “Video for the web, microsites, mobile phones, tablets… and of course all the traditional medias like television. Our clients and their customers really want to be engaged.”

As part of their commitment to providing the highest quality, CRG maintains their own in-house video production studio, two HD editing suites, and the latest in field production equipment. The addition of another editor/animator such as Andrew Ruttan is a logical next step.

“At Creative Resources Group, we are continually investing in production and post production technology,” remarks Rasak. “But having the latest and greatest equipment means nothing without a team of talented individuals who can leverage it to accomplish our clients’ objectives. Andrew is definitely one of those individuals and we’re excited to add him to our team.”

For additional information, contact Charlie Rasak at Creative Resources Group.

Telephone:  508-830-0072


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An All-New Way to Meet CRG

At Creative Resources Group, advertising and marketing is a partnership between ourselves and our clients. From our mission statement, “We firmly believe that when our clients succeed, we succeed.” So, naturally, frequent communication between CRG and our clients is essential.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce an easier and more convenient and efficient communication tool; one that will better facilitate multi-media presentations without the hassle of scheduling, travel, and a ton of printed materials. Live online video streaming.

Unlike other web meeting services, CRG’s live video channels require no special equipment, no third party website, and no telephone ID codes to punch in. All you need is a telephone (or cell phone) and a computer with access to the internet and speakers. At the time of your meeting, just login to your Client Destination and find the meeting link. One click and you’re in! The meeting has started. CRG will show you all your presentation materials right on the screen, including videos, websites, images, budgets, research, and more. Multiple attendants can even click in and participate in the meeting and view all the content on their own computers – no matter where they are located.

For our clients, live video streaming allows for easy and convenient communication with our entire marketing team. After all, anywhere you have internet access, you have access to CRG. And for Creative Resources Group, this new means of meeting allows us to share new ideas and data faster and easier then ever before, quickening our response time and strengthening our clients’ marketing approach.

At Creative Resources Group, communication is key to the strategic partnerships we maintain with our clients. We are consistently working to implement new ideas and technology that can better serve ourselves and our clients in this area. As the song goes, “The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.” And more successful too!

Good luck and good selling,

Your CRG Team!

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Perfection Fence Sunsation Savings Event is a Real Sensation!

The Setting:

Perfection Fence is a company that designs and manufactures high-end, custom outdoor architectural products such as fencing, railings, and pergolas. In May, 2012, after being off the air for the winter months, they were eager to advertise and capture customers looking to improve the look of their homes for the summer months. In particular, they hoped to convey better quality, service, and more custom design options than the big box stores that served as their strongest competition.

CRG’s Products:

To accomplish Perfection Fence’s goals, Creative Resources Group would air 15s commercials on broadcast television and 60s radio commercials on radio. Both ads would drive viewers and listeners to, where they would be greeted with an iCasting popover. (iCasting is a registered trademark of Creative Resources Group) The iCasting would feature a more lengthy video to fully explain the Perfection company and products and ask visitors who were interested in more information to fill out the accompanying lead generation form.

CRG’s Approach:

Creative Resources Group created the Perfection Fence Sunsational Savings Event, a campaign that could continue to run for the entire summer season. No pricing was featured. The Perfection Fence customer would care more about a quality, unique product then a low price. So the copy focused on experience, custom design, manufacturing, service, and “special savings.”

In executing the ads, a soft, British female voiceover added an air of elegance and luxury, while beautiful animated photographs of Perfection products and select reinforcing text illustrated the copy.

The Result:

As shown by CRG’s iTrack analytics, Perfection’s Sunsational Savings Event was one of their most successful, with 1059 total iCast video views. Out of those, 91 filled out the form, for a conversion rate of 6.27% That means that for approximately every 16 visitors, 1 filled out the form.

Notably, it’s easy to see on the iTrack graph when Perfection Fence’s television spots aired: Friday June 1st through Monday June 4th. (Again and again, CRG has found a direct correlation between broadcast air dates and iCasting visitor spikes.) As luck would have it, the weekend of June 1st through the 4th was also cold and rainy. It is very likely that more people were inside watching television.

The combination of coordinated creatives in television, radio, and iCasting, along with intelligent media placement, helped Perfection Fence capture the customers they were looking for and convey their high-end branding message. Creative Resources Group will continue the Sunsational Savings Event throughout the season to keep Perfection Fence top of mind with consumers.

*iCasting is a registered trademark of Creative Resources Group.

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QR Codes, As Seen On TV

QR codes, short for quick response, are recognized by most as those little square barcode-esque things appearing on everything from magazine ads to cereal boxes:

Meet the QR Code

Smartphone users with a QR Reader App can scan the code for all sorts of interesting content related to the ad, product, or article associated with that particular code. In simpler terms, the QR code is a hyperlink. Scan it with your phone and it takes you to a website.

Ever since the birth of the QR code, marketers such as ourselves at CRG have been fascinated with its endless advertising uses and possibilities. Why? Well, think about it. Here’s a simple code that can bridge multiple medias – most obviously, traditional print media with the newest smartphone media. That’s a “Wow” in and of itself. Couple that with CRG’s mobile iCasting product featuring video…. “Home run,” as Creative Director Charlie Rasak would say.

So, already CRG has integrated QR codes into direct mail, flyers, ads, and other traditional print advertising.

But aside from bridging print and mobile media, how successful would the jump be from electronic to mobile? Say, if we were to put a QR code on a television ad.

Studies have shown that we are already multi-tasking when we’re watching TV. Many of us are actually on our computers, smartphones, or tablets while we watch. Plus, all of CRG’s television commercials already push viewers to visit the web for more information or “more offers not seen on TV.” It seemed logical to add an onscreen QR code.

But we weren’t positive on the pure mechanics of the idea. We’d add the QR code and hold it up for the entire 30 seconds of the commercial. But would that be enough time for viewers to get out their phone, open their QR Reading app, and scan? Would viewers be too far from their TV to get a good scan? Or, would they decide to skip the scan all together and just type in the web address? (Also on the screen for the majority of the 30 seconds.)

As part of Route 44 Toyota and Route 44 Hyundai’s April television campaigns, CRG added a trackable QR codes to each commercial…. and waited for the results to come in.

Screen Grab From The TV Spot

Now that April is over and the numbers are in – the results are surprisingly good! Between both television commercials, there were a total of 78 QR code scans. Data showed a direct correlation between air times and QR scans, validating the numbers. These QR codes appeared in no other medias. Additionally, the commercials only aired in the Rhode Island market on one broadcast station. So now imagine the impact in the larger Boston market with multiple broadcast stations!

Upon scan, viewers were taken to Route 44 Toyota or Hyundai’s mobile website, from which they could visit the full website and iCasting.

Excited by the data, CRG is planning more interactive QR/TV/iCasting campaigns.

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